About Us

Electro-wise was established in the year 2002.

Electro-wise concentrated on the booming housing development and corporate maintenance contracts. Because of the frequent power outages and the need to continue working uninterrupted while these outages last, Electro-wise also started installing UPS electricity back-up systems and grid-tie inverters for offices and households.

With the growing need to use "greener" energy sources and the rapidly rising cost of electricity, the demand for solar water panels and heat pumps started to reflect in the market, and Electro-wise was quick to respond to the needs of customers in this regard.

Solar water panel or heat pump installations can save (you) up to 70% on (your) water heating bills.

Installing a quality solar heating system is far more expensive than installing a heat pump system, therefore the heat pump will pay for itself in a shorter period of time. Studies have shown that the saving on a heat pumps electricity bill per annum, is greater than on a solar heating system.

The owner and Chief Executive Jacques van der Horst is a qualified master electrician with a diploma in electrical engineering, you as client will have peace of mind knowing that the job we at Electro-wise are doing for you, will be done correctly the first time.

Contact Jacques 072 123 63 53


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